Autonomic Nervous System

Also within the peripheral nervous system's motor division is the autonomic nervous system. This system controls internal body conditions by regulating smooth muscles in blood vessels and organs. The autonomic nervous system controls respiration, heartbeat, digestion, and other aspects of homeostasis.

The autonomic system has two subdivisions—the sympathetic division and the parasympathetic division. These subdivisions stimulate or inhibit body systems, as shown in Table 49-1. Physical or emotional stress can activate the sympathetic division. For example, the threat of a physical attack causes the sympathetic division to redirect blood away from the digestive organs and toward the heart and skeletal muscles. The parasympathetic division controls the internal environment during routine conditions. After a threat has passed, the parasympathetic division signals organs to resume normal activity. Blood flow to the heart and skeletal muscles decreases. Under normal conditions, both systems are usually activated to some degree.

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