Arteries and Blood Pressure

The large, muscular vessels that carry blood away from the heart are called arteries. As shown in Figure 46-4, the thick walls of the arteries have three layers: an inner endothelial layer, a middle layer of smooth muscle, and an outer layer of connective tissue. This structure gives arteries a combination of strength and elasticity, which allows them to stretch as pressurized blood enters from the heart. You can feel this stretching of arteries—it is your pulse.

Contraction of the heart moves the blood through the arteries with great force. The force that blood exerts against the inside walls of a blood vessel is known as blood pressure. Blood pressure is highest in the two main arteries that leave the heart. It is usually measured in the artery that supplies blood to the arm. To measure blood pressure, a trained person inflates a cuff that is placed around a patient's arm, temporarily stopping the flow of blood through the artery. Connected to the cuff is a gauge containing a column of mercury (Hg) that rises as the pressure in the cuff increases. The trained person then releases the air in the cuff slowly while listening to the artery with a stethoscope and watching the column of mercury. The first sounds of blood passing through the artery indicates the systolic pressure, or the pressure of the blood when the ventricles contract. In a normal adult, the systolic pressure is about 120 mm of Hg for males and 110 mm of Hg for females. Continuing to release the air in the cuff, the trained person next listens for the disappearance of sound, which indicates a steady flow of blood through the artery in the arm. This indicates the diastolic pressure. In a normal adult, the diastolic pressure is about 80 mm of Hg for males and 70 mm of Hg for females.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a leading cause of death in many countries. Blood pressure that is higher than normal places a strain on the walls of the arteries and increases the chance that a vessel will burst.

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