Anatomical orientation

Clinical orientation


Superior colliculus

geniculate nucleus (MGNu)

Posterior commissure.

Pretectal nuclei

Red nucleus (RNu)

Corticospinal fibers

5-26 Slightly oblique section through the midbrain—diencephalon junction. The section passes through the posterior commissure, the rostral end of the red nucleus, and ends just dorsal to the mammillarj body. At this level, the structure labeled mammillothalamic tract probably also contains some mammillotegmental fibers. Structures at the midbrain-thalamus junction are best seen in an MRI angled to accommodate that specific plane. To make the transition from drawing to stained section to MRI easy, selected structures in the MRI are labeled.

Central tegmental tract fibers fibers fibers

Ventral trigeminothalamic tract

Peri peduncular nucleus

Parietopontine Occipitopontine Temporopontine

Corticonuclear fibers (corticobulbar fibers)

Frontopontine fibers

Subthalamic nucleus Supraoptic nucleus

Habenulopeduncular tract


Third ventricle

Fornix (F) Mammillothalamic tract (MtTr)

Lateral geniculate nucleus (LGNu)

Medial lemniscus

Cerebellorubral fibers and Cerebellothalamic fibers

Transition from crus cerebri (CC) to internal capsule

Brachium of superior colliculus

Spinothalamic tract

Dorsal trigeminothalamic tract

Cerebral aqueduct

Central grey (periaqueductal grey) Nucleus of Darkschewitsch Nucleus of Cajal Medial longitudinal fasciculus

Pulvinar nuclear complex (Pul)

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