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This is a platform that lets you play a game and earn some money. You can join to play new and unreleased games, take online surveys, participate in focus groups, try new games, gaming consoles or controllers, preview new movie or game trailer, or review new games on an hourly basis. The platform features games from notable brands such as Rockstar, Nintendo, EA, Gameloft, Bungie, Arari, Mojang, and many more. Video Game Tester is simply like working online. It is perfect for unemployed, those who want to earn from the side, or if you are just bored and want to pass some times by playing video games. Big gaming companies usually hire people to test and review their video games for glitches. They want honest feedback from testers so they can make changes before launching the game or for future references. The testers are usually paid a fortune just to identify bugs and glitches in a game.

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Obsessionsspecialist subjects

Over the years, Luke has had obsessions specialist subjects that have come and gone. Like many children, those with AS and otherwise, one thing that has a particular attraction to him is computer games. The difference between an AS child and a typically developing one however, is the intensity in which they are attracted to such games.

The Cognitive Perspective

Two other cardinal traits of the antisocial, intolerance of boredom and a need for excitement, can also be understood through this framework. For normal persons, much of life consists of activities that ultimately serve higher order goals, yet antisocials know only their immediate circumstances and their immediate desires. When the moment is empty, life is empty. For normal persons, boredom sets in after the parameters of a given situation have been explored, be it a career, a relationship, or a new video game. For an-tisocials, boredom refers to any time period lacking short-term stimulus opportunity. This may explain why substance use is so attractive to the antisocial mind. A good buzz is relatively instantaneous and provides internally generated sources of stimulation that either distract from the emptiness of the present or fill the present through artificially generated perceptions.

A biogenic amine that functions as a Neurotransmitter in the brain and as a regulator of physiological activity in

'The original observation was fortuitous see *reinforcer. The self-stimulation studies were replicated in many species, ranging from fish and chick, via goats, dogs, *monkeys, and dolphins, to humans (Olds 1969). Luckily, most humans do not normally have the opportunity to self-administer electrical pulses to their own mid-brain dopaminergic centres, but video games, which release striatal dopamine, could provide a safe substitute (Koepp et al. 1998).

Meet the Jackoons

Now how can I describe Joe Joe is lovable, funny and creative. Joe has severe AD HD plus many added extras. Life around Joe is never boring. If I could think of an ideal job for Joe it would be an entertainer. He takes the limelight and dances, sings and makes people laugh everywhere he goes. Despite being wildly hyperactive, like anyone with AD HD, Joe 'hyperfocuses' and the subject of this immense concentration to the exclusion of all else is his drawing. Joe draws the most impressively detailed pictures, all from cartoons and computer games. He has just started writing short stories which