Pharmacometrics Training

The sources of learning pharmacometrics-related subject matter are very limited. This situation needs to be addressed immediately for widening the scope of M&S use. A pharmacometrician should have knowledge of basic PK/PD concepts, adequate statistics background, good understanding of physiological principles, and hands-on experience with at least one software which can be used for M&S and another one to conduct statistical analysis. Pharmacometricians also need to be trained in communicating "effectively" with clinicians and statisticians. Regulatory agencies play a vital role in emphasizing the importance of this discipline, as supported by the various regulatory initiatives, discussed earlier. Industry should, then, recognize the need for pharmacometricians and the academic institutions should train them. A long-term solution, then, would be for the academic institutions to offer graduate studies in pharmacometrics. A short-term solution is internal training. The pharmacometricians within the institutions should venture in collaborative projects thereby sharing the experience with the rest. Part of the problem is also the practice of M&S as an art rather than a science. Initiatives in streamlining the model-building process and making the simulation exercise more transparent and reproducible are critical.

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