Upper Limb Mo No Neuro Path I Es

LONG THORACIC NERVE (C5C6C7) Supplies: Serratus anterior muscle

Damaged by:

- Carrying heavy objects

- Strapping the shoulder

- Limited brachial neuritis

- Diabetes mellitus

Results in:

Winging of the scapula when arms are stretched in front


Supplies: Supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles.

Damaged by :

- [as for Long thoracic nerve (above)] Results in:

- Weakness of abduction of arm (supraspinatus)

- Weakness of external rotation of arm (infraspinatus).

AXILLARY NERVE (posterior cord) (C5C6) Supplies: Deltoid and teres minor muscles.

Damaged by:

- Shoulder dislocation.

- Limited brachial neuritis.

Results in:

- Weakness of abduction of shoulder between 15-90" and sensory loss over the outer aspect of the shoulder.

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