The muscle fibre

This is a large multinucleated cell with an outer membrane - sarcolemma-------

within which lie the myofibrils

Each muscle fibre has its own endplate approximately half way along its length.

The cell also contains mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and microsomes - the usual cellular constituents.

Fats, glycogen, enzymes and myoglobin lie within the sarcoplasm and related structures.

The MYOFIBRILS are the contractile components of muscle.

Each myofibril is 1// in diameter and contains filaments of myosin and actin interdigitating with each other between each Z line. When muscle contracts or relaxes these filaments slide over each other producing shortening and lengthening of the muscle fibre. The striated appearance of skeletal muscle is a consequence of differing concentrations of actin and myosin. These resultant --bands are designated as shown.

Actin filament icc j zaz

Myosin filament ■A' band


i M


1 i


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