Sagittal suture

Lambdoid suture


Lambdoid suture

Sagittal suture

Fractures /

Bone erosion - focal, e.g. pituitary fossa

- generalised, e.g. multiple myeloma \ Bone hyperostosis - focal, e.g. meningioma \

- generalised, e.g. Paget's disease \ Abnormal calcification - tumours, e.g. meningioma, ^^

craniopharyngioma - aneurysm wall Midline shift - if pineal is calcified

Signs of raised intracranial pressure - erosion of the posterior Configuration - platybasia, basilar impression


Foramen magnum clinoids

More specific views depend on clinical indications and the availability of other imaging techniques, e.g.

Base of skull (submentovertical) - cranial nerve palsies Optic foramina - progressive blindness Sella turcica - visual field defects 34 Petrous I internal auditory meatus - sensorineural deafness.

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