Parasympathetic Outflow

.-Limbic system

.-Limbic system

— - Hypothalamus preganglionic fibres

- Pupillary constriction VII - Lacrimation/salivation

IX - Salivation

X - Slows cardiac rate Bronchoconstrictor Innervation of bowel i Edinger ' i Westphal \ nucleus/

i Edinger ' i Westphal \ nucleus/

postganglionic fibres

/Superior, ! salivatory :

V nucleus/

; Inferior \ i salivatory \nucleus /'

/ Ciliary \ganglion.i.

Sphenopalatine ; ganglion ; Submandibular, \ ganglion/

Otic ganglion ■

Dorsal nucleus

Bladder Rectum Genitalia

(increased smooth muscle activity, inhibits sphincters)

Dorsal nucleus

/Walls of\ thoracic and; \ abdominal, \ viscera y

Ciliary muscle, sphincter pupillae

Lacrimal ' submandibular and sublingual glands

Parotid gland

, Smooth muscle of respiratory, gastrointestinal and cardiac organs


Pelvic nerves (nervi erigentes)

^Pudendal \ <* Postganglionic neurons in walls of t-plexus _<•— bladder' rectum' genitalia.

S2-S4 ventral roots

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