Hemisphere disorders

Listen to language pattern - hesitant

- fluent

Expressive dysphasia Receptive dysphasia

Does the patient understand simple/complex spoken commands?

e.g. 'Hold up both arms, touch the right ear with the left fifth finger.'

Receptive dysphasia

Ask the patient to name objects.

Nominal dysphasia

Does the patient read correctly?


Does the patient write correctly?


Ask the patient to perform a numerical calculation, e.g. serial 7 test, where 7 is subtracted serially from 100.


Can the patient recognise objects? e.g. ask patient to select an object from a group.


Non-dominant hemisphere disorders

Note patient's ability to find his way around the ward or his home.

Geographical agnosia

Can the patient dress himself?

Dressing apraxia

Note the patient's ability to copy a geometric pattern, e.g. ask patient to form a star with matches or copy a drawing of a cube.

Constructional apraxia

Mini mental function tests and Functional activity questionnaire are used in the assessment of DEMENTIA (page 123).

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