Frontal Lobes

Lateral surface

Precentral gyrus

Superior frontal gyrus---, and sulcus - *

Middle frontal gyrus

Inferior frontal gyrus

Medial surface

Cingulate sulcus

Precentral gyrus

Central sulcus / separates frontal from parietal lobe posteriorly

Orbital surface

Orbital sulci

Olfactory bulb

Lateral sulcus I Olfactory separates frontal ' nerve from temporal lobe inferiorly

----Central sulcus

- Paracentral lobule

-- Corpus callosum

Orbital sulci

Olfactory bulb

Stem of lateral sulcus


1. Precentral gyrus - motor cortex contralateral movement - face, arm, leg, trunk.

2. Broca's area - dominant hemisphere -expressive centre for speech.

3. Supplementary motor area -contralateral head and eye turning.

4. Prefrontal areas - 'personality', initiative.

5. Paracentral lobule - cortical inhibition of bladder and bowel voiding.

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