Cranial Nerve Examination

TRIGEMINAL NERVE (V) (contd) Jaw jerk

Ask patient to relax jaw. Place finger on the chin and tap with hammer: Slight jerk - normal

Increased jerk - bilateral upper neuron lesion.


Observe patient as he talks and smiles, watching for:

- eye closure

- asymmetrical elevation of one corner of mouth

- flattening of nasolabial fold. Patient is then instructed to:

- wrinkle forehead (frontalis) (by looking upwards)

- close eyes while examiner attempts to open them (orbicularis oculi)

- purse lips while examiner presses cheeks j (buccinator)

- show teeth

(orbicularis oris) *


Taste may be tested by using sugar, tartaric acid or sodium chloride. A small quantity of each substance is placed anteriorly on the appropriate side of the protruded tongue. 15

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