Computerised Tomography Ct Scanning

Coronal and sagittal reconstruction

CT imaging in the coronal plane is difficult and in the sagittal plane, virtually impossible. Two dimensional reconstruction of a selected plane may provide more information, but requires CT slices of narrow width e.g. 2-3 mm.

Coronal scan showing a tumour of the ethmoidal sinus

Full neck extension combined with maximal angulation of the CT gantry permits direct coronal scanning and may give greater definition than reconstructed views.

Dynamic CT scan showing posterior communicating aneurysm

Scanning during infusion of i.v. contrast followed by two-dimensional reconstruction of the image provides a noninvasive method of showing intracranial vessels. Although this technique may demonstrate aneurysms as small as 2 mm, it is only practical to examine a small section of the vasculature at any one time and angiography gives better definition.

Three dimensional reconstruction Sophisticated computer programmes now produce stunning 3-D reconstructed images which can be rotated on a monitor screen. In practice these images seldom provide additional clinical information.

This 3-D reconstruction of a dynamic CT scan identified the configuration of vessels entering a vertebro-basilar aneurysm.

Spinal CT scanning

Plain CT of the spine provides useful information of disc disease, particularly at the lumbosacral level. CT scanning after instilling a small amount of intrathecal contrast more clearly demonstrates lesions compressing the spinal cord or the cervico-medullary junction.

Cervical disc compressing one side of the spinal cord.

Reconstruction showing orbital tumour and relationships In the coronal plane.

Coronal CT scanning

Coronal CT scanning

Dynamic CT scanning

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