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Degenerative disorders are classified according to the specific part or parts of the central/ peripheral nervous system affected and according to the ensuing clinical manifestations. These degenerative disorders may be alternatively termed the system degenerations because of their propensity to affect only part of the nervous system.

Progressive dementia with other n< e.g. (F


- Progressive dementia e.g. Alzheimer's disease (page 124)

Progressive blindness e.g. Leber's optic neuropathy. Retinitis pigmentosa

Progressive deafness e.g. Pure sensorineural deafness. Sensorineural deafness + other neurological features

k Progressive movement disorder \ e.g. Parkinson's disease (page 351)

Progressive limb weakness ± sensory involvement e.g. Hereditary neuropathies (page 428)

Progressive limb weakness ± bulbar weakness e.g. Motor neuron disease Spinal muscular atrophy (page 538)

Most of these conditions are discussed in other chapters.

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