Autonomic nervous system


Limbic system

Vasomotor sudomotor' (sweating) piloerectors



Limbic system



Autonomic fibres in peripheral nerve to blood vessels, sweat glands and piloerector muscles in skin

2 Pupillary dilatation.

3 Cardiac acceleration. ^ Bronchodilator.

® Adrenal gland - adrenaline 8 and noradrenaline release.

9 Bowel 10 11 12

L1 Bladder 2

(decreases smooth muscle activity: stimulates sphincters).

Non-myelinated postganglionic fibres (grey ramus)

. Myelinated preganglionic fibres

(white ramus)

Sympathetic ganglion

Prevertebral ganglion

Fibres which pass through the sympathetic ganglion to synapse on a prevertebral ganglion, e.g. coeliac or mesenteric ganglia constitute the splanchnic nerves and innervate the viscera.

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