And its management469542

Bacterial infections - meningitis 470

Acute bacterial meningitis 471-473 Bacterial infections - CNS

tuberculosis 474

Tuberculous meningitis 475-476 Other forms of CNS tuberculous infection 477 Spirochaetal infections of the nervous system 478-482 Parasitic infections of the nervous system - protozoa 483

Viral infections 484-493

Opportunistic infections 494 Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) 495 Neurological presentations of HIV

infection 496

Subacute/chronic meningitis 497-498 Demyelinating diseases -

introduction 499

Multiple sclerosis 500-508

Other demyelinating diseases 509-511 Neurological complications of drugs and toxins 512 Drug-induced neurological syndromes 513 Specific syndromes of drugs and toxins 514-515

Metabolic encephalopathies 516 Classification and biochemical evaluation 517

Specific encephalopathies 517-520

Nutritional disorders 521

Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome 522 Subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord 523-524

Polyneuropathy 525

Toxic and nutritional amblyopia 526

Alcohol related disorders 526-527 Non-metastatic manifestations of malignant disease 528-529

Degenerative disorders 530

Progressive blindness 531

Progressive ataxia 532-534

Motor neuron disease 535-538

Inherited motor neuron disorders 539

Neurocutaneous syndromes 540-542

Further Reading 543

Index 545




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