Promotility drugscisapride Propulsid

1. Cisapride increases lower esophageal sphincter pressure and promotes peristalsis. Some studies have shown cisapride to have efficacy equal to that of H2 receptor antagonists.

2. Cisapride may also be its used in combination with acid suppression therapy. Cisapride works synergistically with H2 receptor antagonists to promote esophageal healing and reduce symptoms.

3. Cisapride is well tolerated, and side effects are limited to mild gastrointestinal symptoms, most notably diarrhea.

Breaking Bulimia

Breaking Bulimia

We have all been there: turning to the refrigerator if feeling lonely or bored or indulging in seconds or thirds if strained. But if you suffer from bulimia, the from time to time urge to overeat is more like an obsession.

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