Clindamycingentamicin Regimen B

a. Clindamycin (Cleocin), 900 mg IV q8h Plus b. Gentamicin (Garamycin), loading dose 2 mg/kg IV , followed by 1.5 mg/kg IV q8h.

3. Intravenous therapy should be continued for at least 48 hours after clinical improvement. Thereafter, doxycycline, 100 mg PO bid is given for a total of 14 days. If tubo-ovarian abscess is present, clindamycin is used for continued therapy, rather than doxycycline.

4. The cefoxitin-doxycycline regimen is superior if Chlamydia is suspected as the primary pathogen. The clindamycin-gentamicin regimen has the advantage when more effective anaerobic coverage is desired, such as with tubo-ovarian or pelvic abscesses.

D. Partner referral. Sexual contacts should be treated for GC and Chlamydia, without regard to clinical or laboratory results.

References: See page 195.

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