Factors that increase risk of death

1. Age over 65 also increases the risk of death from community-acquired pneumonia. Additional risk factors for death from this condition include the following:

a. Multilobar, necrotizing, aspiration, or postobstructive infection b. Abnormal vital signs, particularly a respiratory rate of 30 breaths/minute or more, pulse of 125 beats/minute or more, systolic blood pressure less than 90 mm Hg, and decreased (<95 °F [<35°C]) or elevated (>104°F [>40°C]) temperature c. Abnormal laboratory findings, particularly a low (<4,000/mm3) or high (>30,000/mm3) white blood cell count, hypoxemia or hypercapnia, anemia, elevated blood urea nitrogen level, or elevated creatinine level d. Altered mental status e. Presence of neoplastic disease f. Presence of comorbid disease involving the immune, lung, endocrine, renal, cardiac, liver, or reticuloendothelial system g. History of alcohol abuse and malnutrition h. Evidence of extrapulmonary sites of involvement i. Multiorgan infection

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Breaking Bulimia

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