Solid Serous Adenoma

In 1996, Perez-Ordonez et al. described a case of solid neoplasm that appears to represent another morphologic variant of SCT [12]. Solid serous adenoma of the pancreas is a non-cystic variant of SCT [12, 37]. The tumor has a firm consistency and well-defined margins. Grossly, this tumor shows no recognizable cysts (fig. 8) [9]. Histologically, it has a solid or microglandular

Fig. 9. Solid serous adenoma. Microglandular architecture with small cell nests.

architecture (fig. 9). The lesion is formed by clear cells. Otherwise the cytologic, histochemical, and immunohistochemical features of solid serous adenoma are indistinguishable from those of otherwise conventional SCTs. Recognition of this lesion is important because the vast majority of solid tumors in the pancreas are malignant [12]. The differential diagnosis of this tumor includes clear cell carcinoma and metastatic renal cell carcinoma.

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