Proliferative Activity of Hyperplastic Lesions

The proliferation rate can be determined by the labeling index (LI) of antibody against Ki-67, which is a nuclear protein that correlates with cellular proliferation. Many studies have investigated the relationship of Ki-67 labeling with prognosis in a variety of different types of neoplasia.

The overall Ki-67 LI was said to be 0 in normal pancreatic ducts in the normal pancreas [28]. We examined Ki-67 LI among 22 lesions of low-graded IPMN from 14 patients (M:F 13:1, age 35-81) and 12 lesions of PanIN-1 from 6 patients with pancreatic cancer (M:F 2:4, age 56-68) [29]. They were 3.43 ± 2.93% and 2.80 ± 2.36%, respectively. A t test comparing the Ki-67 LI between them showed no significance (p = 0.5732), i.e. both low-grade lesions of PanIN and IPMN showed less proliferation activity. Though they show similar proliferative activities at this grade of atypia, a different prognosis was proposed for each category of lesion. It is still questionable whether they should be differently categorized, in regard to the proliferative activity. Is it possible for them to be unified as just 'hyperplastic lesions' around the tumor?

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