Cs of Conventional PC

We often find intraductal components (ICs) inside PC, observing mural elastic fibers of the pancreatic ducts with elastica van Gieson (EVG) staining. ICs of conventional PC are thought to include both intraductal spread of CIS and intraductal extension of PC (cancerization of ducts: ductal invasion and colonization). CIS is usually low papillary or flat, and its histology changes, for example to tubular adenocarcinoma with desmoplasia in the case of invasion. Individual tumor cells of the invasive component are more enlarged and are more atypical than that of IC (fig. 1). In contrast, cancerization of ducts, especially intraductal extension of PC (ductal colonization), is similar to the invasive component in terms of histology. There were no differences between cancerization of the ducts and the invasive component in either size or atypia of tumor cells [10-12].

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