Noesy And 2d Roesy

NOESY and ROESY (Fig. 10.13) correlate protons with other protons via their homonuclear NOE interactions. A NOESY spectrum looks very much like a COSY, except that the crosspeaks correspond to pairs of protons that are close in space (<5 A) and not necessarily close in the bonding network. The intensities of crosspeaks are roughly proportional to 1/r6, where r is the direct through-space distance between the two protons correlated by the crosspeak.

10.3.1 The Transient Nuclear Overhauser Effect

In Chapter 5 we observed NOE interactions by 1D NOE difference, measuring the steady-state NOE resulting from a long (several seconds), low-power continuous-wave irradiation of one nucleus. The modern selective (DPFGSE) 1D NOE experiment l.

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