I would like to thank my NMR mentors: Paul A. Bartlett (University of California, Berkeley), who taught me the beauty of natural product structure elucidation by NMR and chemical methods through group meeting problem sessions and graduate courses; Krish Krishnamurthy, who introduced me to NMR maintenance and convinced me of the power and usefulness of product operator formalism during a postdoc in John Casida's lab at Berkeley; Rachel E. Klevit (University of Washington), who gave me a great opportunity to get started in protein NMR; and Wayne J. Fairbrother (Genentech, Inc.), who taught me the highest standards of excellence and thoroughness in structural biology by NMR. Through this book I hope to pass on some of the knowledge that was so generously given to me.

This book grew out of my course in NMR spectroscopy that began in 1987 as an undergraduate course at The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, and continued in 1997 as a graduate course at the University of Arizona. Those who helped me along the way include Professors Michael Barfield, F. Ann Walker, and Michael Brown, as well as my teaching assistants, especially Igor Filippov, Jinfa Ying, and Liliya Yatsunyk.

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