Broth Dilution Method

The broth dilution method is used to determine the minimal inhibitory concentration and the minimal bactericidal concentration (MBC) of the chemothera-

peutic agent. The minimal bactericidal concentration is the lowest concentration of a chemotherapeutic agent needed to kill a pathogen.

The broth dilution test requires that a broth containing the drug be placed in wells of a plastic tray in a sequence of decreasing concentrations of the drug. Each well is inoculated with the bacteria. After an incubation period, each well is examined to determine the effectiveness of the concentration of the chemo-therapeutic agent. The well that shows no pathogen growth with the lowest concentration of the chemotherapeutic agent signifies the MIC and MBC that should be used to treat the disease caused by the pathogen.

Clinical laboratories used an automated broth dilution test where a computer scans wells and reports results.

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