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The Evolutionary Neurodevelopmental Perspective

Each has recruited large numbers of disciples who keep the papers flowing into academic journals. Eventually, each fad runs its course, and the perspective fades somewhat as its founders pass into history. After that, it becomes an acknowledged part of psychological tradition, but the enthusiasm is largely gone. Skinner is gone. Freud is still a respected figure, but psychodynamic theory is on the decline. The rise and fall of diverse points of view is a consequence of the open nature of the social sciences, where the success of any particular model depends as much on the charisma and energy of its founders as on its real merits.

Solution Dosage Form Drug D

The physical appearance of the finished product is a good indicator of the adequacy of the filtration step. Although it is only a subjective test, it does provide information on equipment performance. The pH of the finished dosage form is critical for the stability of active ingredient D1, hence its measurement is warranted. Specific gravity reflects the quantities of ingredients charged, as well as adequacy of the mixer to distribute them uniformly. A viscosity check is performed to ensure that no untoward viscosity buildup has occurred that could affect pourability. Viscosity of the end product can also indirectly indicate the quality of the dispersion of the viscosity-building agent. Determination of the quantity of alcohol in the end product is critical as well, because the solubility of one of the active ingredients, D2, depends on the concentration of alcohol. Also, because alcohol can easily be lost during processing, any values below the established limit would be evidence of...

Arfak Mountains Vogelkop5

The Papuas always have great admiration for athletic feats. They are not at all impressed by the fact that I can write letters and that I have a precise idea of the value of each species of birds. This they take for granted. But when I lift a particularly heavy load with the little finger of my left hand and none of them can do that or when I toss a heavy rock a whole meter or more, further than even the strongest among them, then they really are full of admiration. An eclipse of the moon evoked no signs of interest or excitement and Mayr asked them if they had no myth about it. When he continued questioning them, one of the men slapped his shoulder and said soothingly Don't worry, master, it will become light again very soon. Mayr never again tried to acquire any information that was not given willingly.

Serving as a standard or a model

James' The principles of psychology (1890). The bible of Western psychology, James' tour de force still provides not only an object of intellectual admiration but also a rich source of inspiration. When many later works in psychology are analysed, they appear to contain palimpsestic fragments that trace back to James. In three studies conducted to establish a consensual list of psychology's great books, polling colleges and professional psychologists, The principles received the highest rating (Norcross and Tomcho 1994).

Delusional disorder grandiose subtype37

This is the least well described variant of delusional disorder, not surprisingly in view of its nature. An individual who is habitually elated, even exalted, and who may believe himself or herself rich or powerful is unlikely to seek help, especially psychiatric help. If he or she remains sufficiently high functioning to function in the community, the delusions may be undetected indeed some people capitalize on their beliefs by belonging to fringe organizations, apocalyptic religious groups, or doomsday sects. Sometimes these groups develop malignant qualities, especially under a deluded but charismatic leader, and one cannot minimize the dangerous qualities of the forceful megalomaniac whose grandiosity is alloyed with persecutory anger. Like-minded and impressionable people are readily drawn in and a kind of mass shared psychotic disorder may result comparisons with Nazi Germany are not inapt.

Human Values The Issue of Origins

It is apparent that emotions - from the simple background emotions to the primary emotions such as happiness and sadness, fear and anger, surprise and disgust, as well as the more elaborate social emotions - are related to states of homeostatic regulation and bring together action programs that assist homeostatic regulation directly or indirectly. All emotions can play an important role in social processes, intervening to alert individuals to impending problems, to correct possible problems, or to reward effective solutions. These roles are especially apparent for the social emotions and their ensuing feelings. We are referring here to a large group of emotions, among which the prominent exemplars are compassion or sympathy, an emotion related to a concern for others that commonly results in feelings of empathy the emotions of embarrassment, shame, and guilt, all concerned in one way or another with the blaming of the self for some action that violated social norms the emotions of...

Histrionic Personality Disorder

The essential features of this personality disorder are excessive emotionality and attention-seeking behavior. These individuals are uncomfortable when not the center of attention and characteristically engage in overly dramatic, excessive, exaggerated, and affected emotional displays for which the primary goal is to secure attention and admiration from others. They may present themselves in a sexually seductive, flirtatious, and provocative manner and are concerned with their physical appearance. Their dress and speech are often flamboyant to maximize the attention they receive. They frequently have a long history of drawing attention to themselves and of engaging in excited emotional displays with overstated theatricality as if they are playing to an audience. Their speech is often vague, excessively impressionistic, and lacking in detail. (4) consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self Theorized Pattern in Later Life and Possible Impact of Aging Older adults...

Recommendations For a Validation Protocol

The design of the validation testing and the composition of the protocol reflect the circumstances under which the study is conducted. For retrospective validation the test may be statistical analysis of batch release data, such as assay, pH, physical appearance, residual moisture, reconstitution time, and constituted solution appearance. This retrospective process validation would be intended to demonstrate that the product is of consistent quality. A critical review of the processing conditions in a retrospective validation may consist of a test comparing actual processing conditions during lyophilization with ideal parameters. This not only shows adherence to the defined processing conditions, but also demonstrates process reproducibility.

Models of psychotherapy

The model is a useful one even within a more limited outpatient psychotherapeutic setting. Some patients will readily identify their distress when overwhelmed by powerful sexual feelings or when confronted with personal and social responsibilities perceived as the result of growing up. The aims of the psychotherapy are to support the patient while she is beginning to abandon the psychobiological regression of anorexia nervosa. In addition she is encouraged to broaden her perception of herself in ways that are no longer wholly dependent on her physical appearance but include an improved sense of competence and self-esteem. She is helped to tackle personal and social problems from which she had previously escaped so that she can address her own and her parents' concerns about sexuality.

Affecting the minds and emotions of others and the development of experiences of self

These early automatic responses become the sources for later self-schema (Greenberg & Pascual, 1997). But note that how a child is able to create PA and NA in a parent will feed back into internalised PA and NA about the self. Imagine Jane, a 3-year-old, drawing a picture, and then proudly holding it up for Mum's approval and admiration. Mum responds by kneeling down and saying, 'Wow that's wonderful. What a clever girl.' Now, in this encounter, Jane not only experiences her mother as proud of her (she has generated PA in her mother), but also has emotions in herself about herself she feels good about herself. PAs become associated with confident display and self-expression (in this case, a drawing). The triggering of PA in the self from having stimulated the positive emotions in others can then build into positive schema of the self 'I am someone others like therefore, I am likable.'

Conclusion a complex approach to the aetiopathogenesis of personality disorders

Some of the old-established and very consistent categories of personality disorders will be confirmed, but it is possible that unexpected 'types' of abnormal personalities, with clinical relevance, will emerge. In this new framework it may be easier to detect at an early stage those 'exceptional' and 'charismatic', although pathological, personalities who often impose great social costs and dramatic consequences not only for themselves but also for the group or the society in which they live. (67)

Letter 117 To Dt Ansted

I have just been reading the greater part of your Geological Gossip, and have found part very interesting but I want to express my admiration at the clear and correct manner in which you have given a sketch of Natural Selection. You will think this very slight praise but I declare that the majority of readers seem utterly incapable of comprehending my long argument. Some of the reviewers, who have servilely stuck to my illustrations and almost to my words, have been correct, but extraordinarily few others have succeeded. I can see plainly, by your new illustrations and manner and order of putting the case, that you thoroughly comprehend the subject. I assure you this is most gratifying to me, and it is the sole way in which the public can be indoctrinated. I am often in

A brief history of group psychotherapy Early beginnings

Group psychotherapy began at the turn of the century when Joseph Pratt, a Boston physician, recognized the positive effects of bringing together patients with tuberculosis who did not have access to sanitoria. Their recovery required strict hygienic regimes in their impoverished homes. Using regular group meetings he educated his patients as to how to combat the disease, and he became the central idealized figure as they shared him with each other. (15 Other innovative psychiatrists also influenced regimes in mental hospitals through inspirational and educational methods. Cody Marsh, a psychiatrist related to Buffalo Bill Cody, even included tap dancing classes in his hospital, developing his regime under the adage, 'By the crowd they have been broken by the crowd they shall be healed'. (16) The role of the charismatic leader and the dynamics of group leadership was later elucidated by Freud Z) and then applied by Redl to groups in educational settings. (18

Neural Correlates of Categories and Concepts

Categorical representations do not faithfully track exact sensory input. They provide useful groupings and divisions not present in the external world and thus are the building blocks of the high-level knowledge needed for sophisticated, goal-directed behavior. Consider a simple example. Crickets sharply divide a range of pure tones into mate versus bat (a predator Wyttenbach et al. 1996). Even though the input varies along a continuum, behavior does not. At the low end of the range, crickets approach the sound equally, but then at 16 kHz, their behavior suddenly flips to avoidance and remains equivalent across another wide range. This behavior allows the crickets to maximize reproduction while minimizing disaster. Another example is humans' perception of the facial expressions of emotion (Beale and Keil 1995), which also flips at a discrete point. Thus, the representation of perceptual categories must involve something beyond the sort of neural tuning that encodes physical...

Biological Concepts of Race

Driven since ancient times by folk beliefs, religious teachings, and social customs based on differences in physical appearance of various geographic populations, by the eighteenth century race became the subject of formal theoretical speculation and scientific investigation (Levi-Strauss, 1951 Smedley,

Shapebased categories

This use of natural images has identified neurons that ultimately contribute to categorical representations, but unless neurons are tested for the identifying characteristics of perceptual categories (sharp boundaries, relative equivalence within a category), it is possible that their activity reflects physical similarity rather than category membership per se trees , after all, look more like one another than like other stimuli. This is not to say that neurons with such complex properties are not critical contributors to categories. The question is whether they are the only contributors. Are category representations the sum of neurons sensitive to the physical appearance of its members or are there neurons that favor information about category groupings over information about the individuals and explicitly represent category per se That is, are there neurons whose activity mirrors the across-category distinctions and within-category generalizations seen on the behavioral level To...

Additional suggestions

Mean you are destined to nutritive failure. Individual circumstances will always dictate varying degrees of compliance. If your present eating regimen is very far removed from these recommendations, try to gradually align yourself with this regimen. When changes are too drastic and too abrupt, we tend not to follow them. We are all creatures of habit, and gradualism is sometimes the best way to achieve permanent changes. When you see the positive effects that optimal nutrition has on your health and physical appearance, you will have all the motivation you need to continue this program for the rest of your life.

Letter 142 H Falconer To Charles Darwin

With all my shortcomings, I have such a sincere and affectionate regard for you and such admiration of your work, that I should be pained to find that I had expressed my honest convictions in a way that would be open to any objection by you. The reasoning may be very stupid, but I believe that the observation is sound. Will you, therefore, look over the few pages which I have sent, and tell me whether you find any flaw, or whether you think I should change the form of expression You have been so unhandsomely and uncandidly dealt with by a friend of yours and mine that I should be sorry to find myself in the position of an opponent to you, and more particularly with the chance of making a fool of myself.

Letter 155 To Hugh Falconer

I finished your Elephant paper last night, and you must let me express my admiration at it. (155 2. On the American Fossil Elephant of the Regions bordering the Gulf of Mexico (E. Columbi, Falc.), etc. Nat. Hist. Rev. 1863, page 81. (Cf. Letter to Lyell. Life and Letters, II., page 389 also Origin, Edition VI., page 306.) See Letter 143.) All the points strike me as admirably worked out, and very many most interesting. I was particularly struck with your remarks on the character of the ancient

Letter 163 To Jd Hooker

Might have enlarged a little on the later embryological changes in man and on his rudimentary structure, tail as compared with tail of higher monkeys, intermaxillary bone, false ribs, and I daresay other points, such as muscles of ears, etc., etc. I was very much struck with admiration at the opening pages of Part II. (and oh what a delicious sneer, as good as a dessert, at page 106) (164 2. Huxley, op. cit., page 106. After saying that there is but one hypothesis regarding the origin of species of animals in general which has any scientific existence that propounded by Mr. Darwin, and after a few words on Lamarck, he goes on And though I have heard of the announcement of a formula touching 'the ordained continuous becoming of organic forms,' it is obvious that it is the first duty of a hypothesis to be intelligible, and that a qua-qua-versal proposition of this kind, which may be read backwards or forwards, or sideways, with exactly the same amount of significance, does not really...

Letter 175a To Erasmus Darwin

As you have called upon naturalists that believe in your views to give public testimony of their convictions, I have directed your attention on the outside of one or two of my pamphlets to the particular passages in which I have done so. You will please accept these papers from me in token of my respect and admiration.

Differential diagnosis Mental and somatoform disorders

Hypochondriasis is mainly defined in cognitive terms, with the emphasis on a preoccupation with physical appearance or the fears of harbouring or developing a serious physical disease. The other categories of somatoform disorders put more emphasis on bodily symptoms. The hypochondriac patient is preoccupied with only one or two possible physical disorders, rather than the multiple and changing possibilities in the somatization disorder.

Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder Dsmivtr Appendix B

As noted throughout this book, many of the stressors that often accompany aging such as physical illness or disability, reduced independence, sensory and cognitive declines, changes in physical appearance, social losses, and financial pressures, frequently serve to exacerbate underlying personality disorder features and traits. The Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder is probably among the most likely of the personality disorders to become more apparent during the aging process, as the loss of autonomy that often accompanies aging heightens the ambivalence that fuels passive-aggressive traits. Given a far-from-perfect health care system, it seems probable that those who have a history of trouble dealing with external authority figures will have additional problems as they age and become increasing more reliant on those systems.

The psychiatry of pregnancy Pregnancy adjustment

The psychopathology of pregnancy needs to be understood in terms of the adjustment all women have to make when they conceive. Pregnancy is not only a biological event, but also an adaptive process. ( 9) A pregnant woman must carry the baby safely through to delivery, and adjust to the sacrifices that motherhood demands. She must ensure the acceptance of the child by the family, develop an attachment to the baby within, and prepare for the birth. She must adjust to the alteration in her physical appearance, and develop a somewhat different relationship with the child's father.

Gender Bias in the Diagnosis of Personality Disorders Do Clinicians Have Gender Expectations

Cloninger Model

One problem that creates bias is that certain diagnostic criteria seem to refer to both normalcy and pathology. Most people would argue that the histrionic criterion consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self, for example, is exceptionally ambiguous in a society where a pleasing physical appearance is an expected part of the female gender role. Accordingly, where subjects have several traits of the histrionic personality, it is possible that clinicians might simply assume that this ambiguous criterion is met. Widiger (1998) argues that the more unstructured the interview situation, the more likely it is that clinicians will rely on sex stereotypic bias when diagnosing.

Application to Antisocial Histrionic Narcissistic Dependent and Avoidant Personality Disorders

People with features of Narcissistic Personality Disorder are perhaps, on the surface, more clearly related to ancestral status hierarchies than the other disorders in this group. Narcissistic persons are attracted to power, have a high need for admiration, and lack empathy. They often abuse people whom they feel are beneath them, especially if these attacks also build up the narcissist. They often exaggerate their own successes while they denigrate or greatly envy the successes of others. The basis of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder is one of status and its maintenance. They are also seen as cheaters by evolutionary psychologists because their self-centeredness and lack of empathy means that they will take advantage of others and be poor reciprocators.

Risk and the Status of Markets for Wildlife Products

At the global level, it has been argued that rangelands of southern and eastern Africa have an absolute comparative advantage in the production of unique, charismatic fauna. No other ecosystem in the world supports the diversity and numbers of mammals that are found here (Skinner and Smithers, 1990). Importantly, the nature and the structure of these ecosystems means that these animals are highly visible to tourists, unlike the spectacular but rarely seen fauna of the rainforests of central Africa, or Central and South America. Wildlife producers are also fortunate in the diversity of uses of wildlife. Although international trophy hunting and tourism are the primary products of wildlife producers, there are markets for meat, live animals and other animal products (Bothma, 2002a).

The Cognitive Perspective

As with many other personality disorders, the cognitive style and defensive needs of narcissists merge almost seamlessly, always operating to support their sense of grandiosity. Narcissists play fast and loose with reality, altering and recomposing facts extemporaneously to reinforce their pet notions, a style Millon (1990) termed expansive. Some leaders of third-world governments or extremist political movements, for example, may mix dreams of omnipotence with paranoid trends (Miliora, 1995). Likewise, on a smaller scale, the association between narcissism and abuse of power by grandiose charismatic types within organizations is well known (Sankowsky, 1995) reality is refashioned as needed to retain followers and preserve a special status. Whereas normal persons have realistic goals that balance their own needs with those of others, narcissists project themselves into an idealized future featuring unbounded fantasies of success and admiration. Their imagination is often so vivid that...

Horneys Interpersonal View of the Personality Personality Disorders and the Basic Conflict

The feeling a child has of being isolated and helpless in a potentially hostile world. A wide range of adverse factors in the environment can produce this insecurity in a child direct or indirect domination, indifference, erratic behavior, lack of respect for the child's individual needs, lack of real guidance, disparaging attitudes, too much admiration or the absence of it, lack of reliable warmth, having too much or too little responsibility, overprotection, isolation from other children, injustice, discrimination, unkept promises, hostile atmosphere, and so on and so on. (p. 41)

Finished Product Attributes

In addition to chemical or biological assay and specific requirements for a finished product, such as those for parenteral administration, the condition of the dried cake also needs to be identified. These include the physical appearance of the dried cake and the ease with which the dried material goes back into solution. Physical Appearances. The appearance of the dried material should be uniform in structure, color, and texture. A material having ideal pharmaceutical elegance would be a dense, white cake, with fine, uniform structure as illustrated in Figure 2. As described earlier, successful freeze drying results in the retention of the structure established during the freezing step. If the material forms the desired appearance upon freezing and that structure is retained throughout the

Narcissistic personality disorder DLT

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by an exaggerated sense of self-importance with a lack of sustained positive regard for others. Grandiosity (in fantasy or behaviour) and constant craving for admiration and external gratification are additional features of this disorder. They are present in a variety of contexts and begin by early adulthood.

The Psychodynamic Perspective

After the ancient historical incarnations of this personality pattern, many centuries passed before narcissism was given an explicit psychological definition. In 1898, Havelock Ellis, an English psychologist, used the term narcissus-like (A. P. Morrison, 1986) in reference to excessive masturbation, whereby the individual becomes his or her own sexual object. Rank (1911) published the first psychoanalytic paper specifically concerned with narcissism, linking it to vanity and self-admiration (cited in Pulver, 1970). Amazingly, Freud published only a single paper devoted exclusively to narcissism in 1914, discussing it as a libidinal investment in the self that, in healthy and reasonable quantities, would ultimately give way to mature object-relationships. The central question to Freud was how the infant, living in a universe composed only of the self, which he called primary narcissism, developed an appreciation for the existence and identity of others. These developments did not take...

Variations of the Narcissistic Personality

Compensatory Narcissist

So strong is their basic self-centeredness and desire to exploit others that people may be dropped from their lives with complete indifference to the anguish they might experience or how their lives will be affected. In many ways, the unprincipled narcissist is similar to the disingenuous histrionic (a combination of histrionic and antisocial patterns see Chapter 9). The unprincipled narcissist preys on the weak and vulnerable, enjoying their dismay and anger. In contrast, the disingenuous histrionic seeks to hold the respect and affection of those they dismiss in their pursuit of love and admiration. For the most part, their partners simply provide a warm body that they can temporarily exploit before boredom overtakes them. As such, amorous narcissists leave behind them a trail of sexual excesses and intricate lies as they maneuver their way from one pathological relationship to another. Confrontation, criticism, and punishment are unlikely to make them change their ways....

The Importance Of Cholesterol In The Diet

Vegetarians can make protein, but the protein simply cannot have the same three-dimensional configuration when made with chronically depleted levels of any of the vital amino acids. Such proteins are physically different from the proteins built from a diet containing meat protein. Just like keys fitting in locks, they will not have the same ability to bind toxins as proteins of an entirely different physical appearance, or morphology. Proteins often exist as isomers that have the same chemical composition on paper but are physically mirror images of each other. One can have profound biological activity, and the other can be biologically inactive. So, just seeing a normal level of protein on a blood test does not tell you whether the protein is capable of doing an adequate toxin-neutralizing job. Similarly, no blood test should ever be overinter-preted to justify a treatment protocol. A lymphocyte count may be normal, but an additional test might show that a significant percent of the...

Alpf Medical Research Personality Disorders

The nature of most therapeutic relationships, paradoxically, is the most significant difficulty in treating a narcissistic personality. Most therapists are accustomed to providing their patients with warm support and encouragement. The more narcissistic the subject, the more likely he or she is to respond to this staple of treatment. Admiration from a supportive therapist provides a warm womb in which the narcissist can successfully stretch his or her wings. And therein lies the problem. If the therapist is too supportive, narcissists may emerge suddenly from their cocoon of self-doubt and abruptly quit therapy. Perhaps other people can't handle their problems, but the narcissist can. Alternatively, they may continue indefinitely, glowing in the reinforcement the therapist supplies, thus perpetuating the very essence of the disorder. Worse, if the therapist is also somewhat narcissistic, the two may form a covert mutual admiration society, commenting on each other's enlightened...

Developmental issues

Severe frustration with early objects is considered important in the defensive genesis of narcissistic personality disorder. Reich (88) described narcissistic ego-inflation as a defence against narcissistic injuries during both the pre-Oedipal and Oedipal periods of development. Behind the compensatory grandiose self, a hungry and inferior real self resides, as the core problem of narcissistic personality disorder. Nemiah (86) saw the origin of this disorder in high parental expectations and harsh criticism of the child, which become internalized in their developing character. Many narcissistic individuals are gifted and often are the first, if not the only, child in their families. Nemiah proposed that the parents used the child for their own needs, which led the child to seek compensatory admiration and greatness. Since there is often frustration during the vulnerable rapprochement subphase of separation-individuation, splitting of good and bad self and object representatives...

Behavioural expression and selfconcept

A seductive and charming appearance, which is engaging and attractive, masks intense preoccupation with self-regard and an unusual absence of concern for others. Narcissistic individuals may be energetic, capable of consistent work, and socially successful, but this is done in order to obtain admiration. These 'Don Juans of achievement' run from one achievement to another, but their successes provide no inner satisfaction and always end with frustration and a feeling of emptiness. Narcissistic grandiosity is often masked by opposing tendencies (false modesty, social aloofness, and a pretended contempt for status). Pathological lying is frequent.

Contact with Geneticists

I admired Dobzhansky enormously, even though I realized that some of his character traits were less than admirable. Dobzhansky clearly had charisma, something that is difficult to describe, but everybody knew it. I was not the only one to admire him, but many others, and even though he was my very best friend from about 1941 until long after I had left for Cambridge, he probably was considered their best friend by many others, such as Michael Lerner and Howard Levene, both of whom openly wept at the memorial service for Dobzhansky in 1975.

Boyhood Dreams

First, to mark his new personality, he changed the name he used from Bill to his middle name, French. He then set about making friends with the same energy and determination that he would later use to blaze the trail for a new medical treatment. By seventh grade he was well liked enough to be elected class president.

Letter 24 To E Cresy

Thank you for your note and giving me a chance of seeing you in town but it was out of my power to take advantage of it, for I had previously arranged to go up to London on Monday. I should have much enjoyed seeing you. Thanks also for your address (26 1. An introductory lecture delivered in March 1848 at the first meeting of a Society for giving instructions to the working classes in Ipswich in various branches of science, and more especially in natural history ( Memoir of the Rev. J.S. Henslow, by Leonard Jenyns, page 150.), which I like very much. The anecdote about Whewell and the tides I had utterly forgotten I believe it is near enough to the truth. I rather demur to one sentence of yours--viz., However delightful any scientific pursuit may be, yet, if it should be wholly unapplied, it is of no more use than building castles in the air. Would not your hearers infer from this that the practical use of each scientific discovery ought to be immediate and obvious to make it worthy...

Product Uniformity

Finished product attributes, such as physical appearance, reconstitution times, and residual moisture, are more effective in quantifying the magnitude of any variation owing to product location inside the lyophilizer. Differences in vial content of the active ingredient, assuming that filling of the vials started as a true solution that is inherently homogeneous, would not be affected by loca-


The cry-wolf effect was evident at the beginning and end of Jessica's day when the transport monitor alarm sounded but was silenced without further investigation. From her experience, Jessica discounted the alarm with Mr. Fitzpatrick, the first patient in the story, thinking it had been electronic noise created by the movement of the bed, which is a quirk of an inexpensive machine. It also could have been a loose ECG wire, which is such a commonplace occurrence that a recovery room nurse would probably not bother noting it when reconnecting Mr. Fitzpatrick to the recovery room equipment. Alternatively, it could have been a lack of oxygen flow from the cylinder, just as it was for Mr. Blevsky. Jessica did not determine which of these possibilities was the cause of the alarm. Evidently, from his physical appearance, Mr. Fitzpatrick never was in danger. Despite the alarms, the fact that the patient clearly was healthy reinforced the belief that the transport monitor was quirky and...


Delight itself, however, is a weak term to express the feelings of a naturalist who, for the first time, has wandered by himself in a Brazilian forest. The elegance of the grasses, the novelty of the parasitical plants, the beauty of the flowers, the glossy green of the foliage, but above all the general luxuriance of the vegetation, filled me with admiration. 99


We trained monkeys to judge the number of items (1-5) in visual displays (Nieder et al. 2002). We trained monkeys to generalize by having them judge the number of items across a large number of very different looking displays (Fig. 3). We found ample number-tuned neurons (again, about 1 3 of the population) in the same portion of the lateral PFC where we had observed the shape category neurons (Fig. 4). One possibility for the difference between our study and that of Sawamura et al. may be modality (touch vs. vision), but another maybe the level of abstraction. Most movement-number representations found by Sawamura and colleagues (85 ) were not abstract number-selective activity depended on whether the monkey's movement was push or turn . By contrast, the visual number representations we found in the lateral PFC were abstract and generalized activity was unaffected by the physical appearance of the displays.

For Transplantation

Admiration may be the emotion, however, when acts of generosity to strangers are perceived, such as when the parents of a 7-year-old boy murdered in Italy in 1994 donated his organs to benefit Italian children.19 Obviously, infants and small children cannot ordinarily make an informed decision to donate organs, but Kopelman has argued that the wishes of dying children to donate organs should be respected.20 There is a desire to obtain organs from such young people because they are frequently the only ones of appropriate size for transplantation into

Analytical Framework

In the absence of bottom-line discipline, strong leadership is required to set clear or visionary goals in a public agency. An important aspect of the shift towards parastatals, therefore, is the effect on leadership quality. Also important is the development of management systems, especially given the contention that charismatic leadership can be counter-productive and that the revitalization of park agencies does not generally need better people, but people who know exactly what is expected of them, who do the management job systematically and who focus themselves and their institution purposefully on performance and results (Drucker, 1973).

Regional Experiences

Yet behind this informality were criteria and systems for promotion, reporting and performance evaluation, containing both objective and subjective criteria. In short, performance emanated from quality staff, a highly competitive but informal culture that worked to clear goals, and a strong moral imperative to conserve parks, backed up by simple but essential financial and administrative systems. The department also displayed strong non-charismatic team leadership, largely independent of political pressures, and much of the department's success can be traced back to this (eg game ranching, Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE), kapenta fishing, crocodile and ostrich industries, elephant management, etc see Child, G (1995) for a detailed description). A board comprising well-known figures in conservation and the tourism sector also served the department, but no member was a serving civil servant.

Chris Good

It is clearly immoral to deny a needy patient the appropriate treatment on grounds of cost alone. But who decides what is meant by needy and which patients are most needy A relevant example of this problem is provided by that company which was advised by the licensing authority to withdraw its anti-acne product on the grounds that the antibiotic contained therein was unsafe and increased resistance when used topically. The company's appeal to the Committee on Safety of Medicines was rejected on the grounds, amongst others, that acne is a trivial condition. This judgement was made by a panel of middle-aged to elderly men who had long forgotten the agonies immature teenage acne patients may suffer when having to confront the world with their disfigured faces. The appeal was taken to the Medicines Commission supported by the live testimony of dermatologists dealing with such patients daily, who pointed out that to such patients acne is no trivial condition and may cause suicide. The...

The middle phase

Patients may experience a whole range of feelings about an analyst including love, admiration, excitement or anger, disappointment, and suspicion. The feelings appear to have little to do with the therapist's actual personality as different patients are likely to bring quite disparate feelings about the same analyst at the same time. While clearly not realistic, the actual nature of the transference experience is quite controversial. Object-relations theorists consider the analyst a vehicle onto which an internal object (a person, an aspect of a person, the self, or an aspect of the self) is projected. (66) Clearly, internal objects are representations which are heavily distorted by both fantasy and defensive processes. The nature of the transference appears to systematically relate to specific clinical groups and hence may have an aetiological significance. For example, specific transference patterns appear to characterize particular groups of narcissistic patients. (12) The...

Canonical Neurons

A first conclusion that can be drawn from these data is that it is extremely difficult to conceptualize the function of F5 canonical grasping neurons in purely sensory or motor terms. At this stage objects seem to be processed in relational terms. In other words, by means of a neural network a series of physical entities, 3D objects, is identified and differentiated not in relation to mere physical appearance, but in

The Power Of Charisma

The Power Of Charisma

You knowthere's something about you I like. I can't put my finger on it and it's not just the fact that you will download this ebook but there's something about you that makes you attractive.

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