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Developing Strategies

Just a few years ago, people with MS who had cognitive deficits were rarely offered help. Poor memory was regarded as the fate of those with the disease. But many strategies can be adopted that are extremely helpful to those with MS-related cognitive changes. Many of them can be incorporated into your life with little or no money or outside expertise required. But first, you need to acknowledge the problems you are having.

Locating Support Resources Clinical Trials or Oncologists

After diagnosis, most cancer patients require more emotional support than a doctor can realistically provide. Although most such emotional support is beyond the capabilities of computer infrastructure, digital infrastructure can help patients find and communicate with other cancer patients. At the NCI site, http cancer.gov cancerinfo support points to information about support, support organizations, finding an oncologist, finances, insurance, and hospice care. For example, the Taking Time document includes Cancer will change your life, Your feelings learning you have cancer, and Living each day sections.

Cardiorespiratory Physiology

The heart is a muscle that is required to contract continuously throughout your life to deliver oxygen to all organs in the body. Your lungs breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Blood vessels connect the heart and lungs so that carbon dioxide can be removed from the blood and oxygen can be added to the blood. The heart then pumps this blood throughout the body. During exercise your heart must pump more often and more strongly to supply oxygen to your exercising muscles to make energy. In turn, you The basis of cardiorespiratory training is to place greater demands on the heart (e.g., make the heart beat more times per minute) than what is required during rest. This results in a stronger heart that can pump more blood and deliver more oxygen to the body per heart beat, and a lower resting heart rate. Since most daily activities are aerobic in nature, improving the delivery of oxygen to the muscles will improve your work performance. (See Fuel Used During Exercise on page...

Coping And Stress Management

In learning how to manage stress successfully, the first step is to take stock of yourself and your life. Although many people know that they feel stressed, they have a if other people are sources of stress in your life, you need to talk with them about it. You're probably a source of stress for them as well. Maybe an understanding or a change in behavior can take place, leading to greater comfort for all involved. But if communication proves fruitless or seems to make things worse, try to get professional help.

Additional suggestions

Mean you are destined to nutritive failure. Individual circumstances will always dictate varying degrees of compliance. If your present eating regimen is very far removed from these recommendations, try to gradually align yourself with this regimen. When changes are too drastic and too abrupt, we tend not to follow them. We are all creatures of habit, and gradualism is sometimes the best way to achieve permanent changes. When you see the positive effects that optimal nutrition has on your health and physical appearance, you will have all the motivation you need to continue this program for the rest of your life.

Maintaining your own identity

That this applies equally to them and whilst it is vitally important that you both spend time together and be a couple rather than just parents, it is still important to maintain your own identity. Whilst your children are a pivotal part of your life and caring for them and worrying about them probably occupies every waking hour, without taking a break in some way, however small, the stress will eventually take its toll and the whole family will suffer.

Appendix A Ideas for Healthy Food Choices

Eating healthfully requires making overall smart food selections throughout your life. Choosing a food that is less nutritious every once in awhile does not mean your diet is bad just make those foods the exception in your diet, not the rule.

Beef pork lamb and vealTotal fat grams

Humans tend to gain weight as they age. This is due to a number of factors including a changing set point, a change in muscle mass, a change in fat distribution and often a decrease in physical activity. Menopause generally occurs around the age of 50, which is the time when all of these factors come into play. This doesn't mean, however, that you have to get fat during menopause. A well-balanced, low-fat diet combined with regular exercise will allow you to maintain normal body weight throughout your life.

Stress Demon Of The Modern

Can Stress Be Avoided People with MS are often told to reduce or avoid stress in their lives. Avoiding stress is easier said than done, however, because avoiding stress often means avoiding life. Life is full of stress, and the fuller your life, the more likely you are to be exposed to stress. Instead of avoiding stress, you need to learn how to deal with it.

Fitness and Recreation

There is a belief among many experts in fitness and recreation that participating in physical activity is a close second in terms of its importance to eating and breathing. What would your life be like if you weren't able to participate in all sorts of leisure, fitness, and recreational activities In a society filled with many stressful events, the need to release by moving in any way, shape, or form that is comfortable and enjoyable to you is critical for maintaining overall balance in your daily life. For some people, yoga, meditation, and relaxation exercises fit the bill. Others must hop on a stationary bike or go for a jog to feel invigorated. No matter what type of multiple sclerosis (MS) you have or how much you're able to move, exercise, recreation, and physical activity can be adapted to meet your needs. Don't ever underestimate what you're capable of doing. Many experts in engineering, technology, and exercise have found ways to adapt all kinds of physical activity to meet...

Involve Your Family

Cognitive changes, like other symptoms of MS, can have wide-ranging effects on any number of everyday activities. Fortunately, these cognitive problems generally are not severe and can be countered in a variety of ways. Look for practical solutions. Even simple self-help strategies can help you regain control over your life. Focus on what you can do, then do it well. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Seeking Wellness

Plex treatments, the patient and family must assume ongoing responsibility for healthcare and self-monitoring. The wellness model is a collaboration between the person with MS and the healthcare team, a positive striving toward self-awareness and self-responsibility. Wellness is a positive striving, unique to the individual, in which a person can have a disease and still be well, with a deep appreciation for the joy of living and with a life purpose. General guidelines include weight control, keeping cholesterol and other blood fats within normal limits, eating a well-balanced diet, managing stress, and getting adequate rest. In addition, balancing work with fun, incorporating hobbies and other life-fulfilling activities, and interacting with a supportive social and family network, are all wellness activities that have been shown to result in better health. It is important to put one's life and life's challenges into perspective and to deal with each day as a new opportunity for...

For Transplantation

Several ethical concerns may arise with donation, either express or presumed. First, the wishes of the person who actually makes a determination and signs an organ donor card may be vetoed by the family at the invitation of the organ procurement organization out of public relations concerns.6 Since donors are not informed of this capacity of family members to override their wishes, this raises serious ethical questions regarding truth-telling on the part of the donor card campaigns by the National Kidney Foundation, state motor vehicle departments, and the Coalition on Donation (whose brochure, Share Your Life Share Your Decision,7 urges speaking to families about a desire to donate organs without ever explaining why it's crucial to the honoring of one's wishes). Indeed, many states now legally permit such express donations without the approval of families or the need for witnesses on the donor cards, but this apparently has not changed the insistence of organ procurement...

Nutritional Needs

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid (outlined in Chapter 3) were designed to provide basic nutritional information and serve as educational tools for Americans over 2 years of age. Therefore, these guidelines should be followed to ensure good nutrition throughout your life. An important point to note is that although the age-related decline in BMR results in the need for fewer daily kcals, your requirements for nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins do not decrease with age (see Chapter 2). Therefore, proper food selection is essential to meet this challenge. Some ideas to help you meet your nutrient requirements without eating extra kcals include following the 5-A-Day campaign (eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day) and eating nutrient dense foods (see Chapter 3 and Appendix A).

Basic functions

Drinking less rather than more water, the steady state of toxins and waste products can lean much more easily toward a net accumulation rather than a net elimination. Once you have formed the habit of drinking too little water, you have laid a foundation that allows wastes and toxins to build up gradually for the rest of your life.

Establish Rapport

Avoid phrases including words such as 'difficulties', 'problems' and 'help' as this implies that you perceive them as having problems when this may not be the way that they see things themselves. Closed questions require a yes or no response they can be used once discussion has been initiated and are a useful way of checking your understanding of the conversation. 'Did you say that you have tried that diet five times before ' Another useful opener to establish rapport would be to use a typical day (21). For example, 'Can you take me through a typical day in your life, so that I can understand in more detail what happens ' or 'Can you think of a recent typical day Take me through this from beginning to end'.

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