Subaxial Subluxation

Subaxial subluxation is a term pointing to instability below the C1-C2 region. It is less common than C1-C2 instability and tends to develop later in the course of the disease.

This deformity results from facet joints destruction and deterioration of the stabilizing ligaments. Subaxial subluxation may develop in a single level or at multiple cervical levels and may lead to stepladder or staircase deformity. It usually develops at the C2-C3 or C3-C4 levels and may lead to spinal cord compression and myelopathy (Figure 9-11).

Imaging Studies

The staircase deformity can be easily spotted on X-rays in lateral views of the cervical spine (Figure 9-12). The deformity is also clearly

Chamberlain Line


Chamberlain Line

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