Spinal plain films. (A) The interpedicular distance (black line) measured on the thoracolumbar AP projection indicates the transverse width of the spinal canal. This distance increases gradually in the cranio-caudal direction. (B) The sagittal diameter of the spinal canal can be measured on the lateral projection by measuring the distance between the posterior aspects of the vertebral body and the spino-laminar line (black line).

the individual vertebral bodies and intervertebral spaces (compared with the AP view). It provides an excellent view of the odontoid process and its relationship to the anterior arch of the C1 vertebra (Figure 2-6A). The distance between the two should not exceed 3 mm in an adult and 5 mm in a child. On an AP view the odontoid process could be clearly seen only in an open mouth view (Figure 2-6B).

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