p16, cervical cancer marker, 117 ovarian cancer prognostic marker, 36 p21, ovarian cancer prognostic marker, 36 p27, ovarian cancer prognostic marker, 36 p53, angiogenesis, 119 cancer alterations, 8

cervical cancer polymorphisms, 114, 115 chromosomal alterations, 119, 120 endometrial cancer mutations, type I cancer, 94 type II cancer, 74, 75, 85 human immunodeficiency virus interactions, 116 ovarian cancer, mutations in carcinogenesis, 22, 23 prognostic marker, 33—36 Paclitaxel, endometrial cancer management, 66 Placental site nodule, pathogenesis, 163 Placental site trophoblastic tumor (PSTT), pathogenesis, 162, 163 Proteomics, ovarian cancer marker development, 31, 32, 40

PSTT, see Placental site trophoblastic tumor

PTEN, endometrial cancer type I mutations, 74, 75, 77,

78, 83, 85, 95 ovarian carcinogenesis mutations, 24 transgenic mice, 98

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