Emergence of a Histological Lesion

Progression from a latent precancer state to benign premalignant neoplasm to a malignant neoplasm (carcinoma) is accompanied by alterations in genetics, histology, and clinical behavior. The emergence of discrete histologically altered premalignant lesions corresponds to local clonal expansion of a population of mutated glandular cells (7). This step of transition from a latent to overt phase of disease is of relevance to diagnostic pathologists involved in the clinical management of patients. Other genetic alterations, which are seen in endometrioid endometrial carcinomas include KRAS and p-catenin mutation, affecting 10-15% (25-27) and 25-30% (28) of endometrial cancers, respectively. These abnormalities may be invoked during or after the premalignant phase of tumor evolution.

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