Age Of Ec Diagnosis In Lynch Syndrome

Data from an international collaborative study of 125 cases of EC collected from HNPCC registries in Western Europe, the United States, and Japan, found that the mean age for diagnosis of this cancer was 48 years (44). A review of 120 HNPCC syndrome families registered in the Familial Bowel Cancer Service of The Royal Melbourne Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, also reported a mean age of 48 years for the diagnosis of EC (45). This mean age of EC in HNPCC kindreds is significantly younger than the 63 years mean age of uterine corpus cancer diagnosis reported by FIGO (46).

A study of 23 unrelated HNPCC syndrome families in the Creighton University Hereditary Cancer Institute registry found that the median age for EC diagnosis was of 46 years, which was 14 years younger than the median age of EC reported by the National Institutes of Health Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (NIH-SEER) program (4,47). The international collaborative study of 125 patients with EC from HNPCC syndrome families, found that 98% of the ECs were diagnosed in women younger than 65 years, and 57% were diagnosed before the age of 50 years (44). Several members of HNPCC syndrome kindreds documented in these studies were diagnosed with EC as early as their third decades of life (4,44,45). Not only were the mean and median ages younger for the diagnosis of hereditary EC compared with sporadic EC, but, as noted in the studies of Hemminki et al. (48), when EC was diagnosed before the age of 50 years in mothers recorded by the Swedish Cancer Registry, the risk for EC in daughters was increased nearly by 10-fold.

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