Whole Room Calorimetry

The most precise measurements of energy expenditure are obtained through the practice of whole-room indirect calorimetry (WRC). This technique provides extremely accurate measurements (>98%) of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production over long periods of time in individuals moving freely about a room [65]. Whole

Fig. 1.5. Metabolic cart.

room calorimetry uses the same principles and equations as IC and helps bridge the gap between laboratory research and the free living environment. Whereas IC uses the metabolic cart to measure EE, WRC measures changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide inside an airtight room to obtain the same result. WRC is not only able to measure the subject's EE, but also his or her usage of energy fuels including fats, protein and

Fig. 1.6. MEDGEMR hand-held oximeter for basal energy assessment.

carbohydrate. The individual being studied is held in a closed room and gas exchange is measured through analyzers attached to the unit. Subjects are instructed to follow strict study protocols dividing their time among reading, sleeping, sitting and exercising over a period of 24-72 h. Although precise, this technique of measuring energy expenditure is not practical considering few individuals are willing to submit themselves to such a lengthy test.

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