Weight history

Recent weight loss is a very sensitive marker of a patient's nutritional status [14]. Weight loss of more than 5% in 1 month or 10% in 6 months prior to hospitalization has been shown to be clinically significant [15]. When 20% of usual body weight has been lost in 6 months or less, severe physiologic dysfunction occurs. In one studied surgical population, weight loss of more than 5% in the month prior to hospital admission correlated with both an increased length of hospital stay and time of rehabilitation [16].

It is not always possible to diagnose malnutrition based on body habitus visualization alone. For example, patients who are obese, or those with edema, may be very difficult to nutritionally assess solely relying upon their body size or body weight.

Even though measured weights are an accurate, easily trackable and reliable assessment of nutritional status, recalled weights are much less accurate. Obtaining a patient's weight in the inpatient or outpatient setting should be a common and easily performed process. Patients may not be able to give a history of their usual body weight or their recent weight history due to a neurological impairment. Numerous studies have documented huge variances in reported weights when a patient's own weight recall is used as the sole determining factor, with sensitivities as low as 65%. A recent randomized study from Europe noted that in 500 patient admissions, a weight was recorded only 67% of the time [17]. In a separate study of 4,000 patients, weights were only recorded 15% of the time even though a scale was available within 150 feet of the patient's bed in 75% of the cases [2].

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