Other bedside technologies

Bioelectric impedance (BIA) is a non-invasive method to determine body composition. It is based on the resistance of a fat-free mass to administration of a high frequency, alternating, low amplitude

(50 kHz) electrical current. It is inexpensive, easy to perform and reproducible [42]. Bioelectrical impedance has been validated against both underwater weighing and isotope dilution, two bench research gold standards used for determining body composition [43]. One drawback of BIA is its assumption of a normal body water status being approximately 72%-74%. Therefore, in clinical cases of body edema or body dehydration, BIA may be inaccurate [44]. A study in patients with renal failure found BIA to be inaccurate secondary to an abnormal volume status [45]. In contrast, BIA was found to be accurate in determining muscle mass in a group of patients with cystic fibrosis when compared to isotope dilution methods [46].

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Good Carb Diet

Good Carb Diet

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