Maureen B Huhmann MS RD and David A August Md Facs


1 Introduction

2 Diet and Gastrointestinal Carcinogenesis

3 Weight loss in Gastrointestinal Cancer

4 Specialized Nutrition Support in Gastrointestinal Cancer Patients

5 Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention

6 Conclusion


Gastrointestinal cancers can significantly impact nutrition status. Data indicate that the presence of malnutrition in cancer patients negatively impacts response to treatment, quality of life and survival. The nutritional support of patients with gastrointestinal cancer should be individualized and may be dependent upon anticancer treatment modality. Interventions with parenteral nutrition, enteral nutrition and immunonutrition are indicated in certain situations. Nutritional modifications may also be important in the prevention of cancer. This chapter will review some of the nutritional issues related to gastrointestinal cancer patients.

From: Clinical Gastroenterology: Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Disease Edited by: M.H. DeLegge © Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ

KeyWords: Weight Loss, Cancer Cachexia Syndrome, Specialized Nutrition Support, Parenteral Nutrition, Enteral Nutrition, Immunonutrition, Chemoprevention

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