Gastric Cancer

A definite relationship exists between h-pylori colonization and distal gastric cancer risk. Many of the dietary components implicated as chemoprotective to the stomach exert their effect via the control of the H-pylori infection. For example, the acidic nature of wine [22] and the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C [23, 24] appear to impede H-pylori growth. Alcohol [12, 22, 25], simple carbohydrates [26] and red meat [27, 28] appear to increase the risk of gastric cancer. Pickled and other salty foods also increase cancer risk by acting as co-carcinogens in the stomach, increasing oxidative stress and thereby inducing lipid peroxidation and cellular proliferation [27, 28]. Fruit, vegetable [12, 14, 27, 29] and green tea [15, 30] intake is associated with a decreased risk.

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