Preface vii

Contributors xi

1 Nutritional Assessment 1

Mark H. DeLegge and Luke M. Drake

2 Malnutrition and Disease Outcomes 31

W. Scott Butsch and Douglas C. Heimburger

3 Nutrition in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 59

Darlene G. Kelly

4 Nutrition Aspects of Liver Failure 85

Jeanette M. Hasse

5 Nutrition and Acute Pancreatitis 107

Stephen J. D. O'Keefe

6 Celiac Disease 123

Sheila E. Crowe

7 Nutrition in Gastrointestinal Cancer 149

Maureen B. Huhmann and David A. August

8 Management of the Short Bowel Syndrome 177

John K. DiBaise

9 Management of the Obese Patient 205

Julie L. Roth and Bethany M. Doerfler

10 Enteral Access and Enteral Nutrition 227

Christopher R. Lynch, John C. Fang and Stephen A. McClave

11 Parenteral Nutrition 255

Christian S. Jackson and Alan L. Buchman

12 Vascular Access for Parenteral Nutrition 289

Ezra Steiger

13 Nutrition-Based Home Care 299

David S. Seres

Index 319

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