Nutrition assessment is a very important component of a patient's medical therapy. Good clinical studies have shown that no single body measurement, laboratory measurement or body functional assessment is capable of adequately predicting nutritional risk. A global assessment, relying heavily on a patient's weight history, diet history and clinical examination, is better able to predict a patient's nutritional status and nutritional risk. Physicians should become familiar with determining nutritional risk, especially in the preoperative setting, in order to determine who requires nutritional intervention to improve clinical outcomes. Familiarity with basic formulas or estimations of a patient's calorie, protein and water needs is imperative in order to provide safe, efficacious nutritional intervention.

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Good Carb Diet

Good Carb Diet

WHAT IT IS A three-phase plan that has been likened to the low-carbohydrate Atkins program because during the first two weeks, South Beach eliminates most carbs, including bread, pasta, potatoes, fruit and most dairy products. In PHASE 2, healthy carbs, including most fruits, whole grains and dairy products are gradually reintroduced, but processed carbs such as bagels, cookies, cornflakes, regular pasta and rice cakes remain on the list of foods to avoid or eat rarely.

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