Benefit of a Gluten Free Diet

Although general clinical experience and the literature suggest that most adult celiacs are not highly compliant with a gluten-free diet, most patients are symptom free in spite of continued gluten ingestion. As discussed above there is some evidence that the incidence of malignancy is reduced in celiac patients and those with DH who adhere to a gluten-free diet. Other benefits of a gluten-free diet include improvement of body size and composition, iron deficiency [52] and osteopenia. There is also the suggestion from some studies that a gluten-free diet may delay or prevent the development of other autoimmune disorders, although this is not supported by other reports [78]. The question of how much gluten is safe remains unanswered. In the absence of data to support specific recommendations, patients should be encouraged to stay free of dietary gluten wherever possible in order to induce and maintain remission and potentially prevent complications of the disease.

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Why Gluten Free

Why Gluten Free

What Is The Gluten Free Diet And What You Need To Know Before You Try It. You may have heard the term gluten free, and you may even have a general idea as to what it means to eat a gluten free diet. Most people believe this type of diet is a curse for those who simply cannot tolerate the protein known as gluten, as they will never be able to eat any food that contains wheat, rye, barley, malts, or triticale.

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