Viral Diseases of the Upper Alimentary System

Some viral diseases involve the upper alimentary system but produce more dramatic symptoms elsewhere in the body. For example, measles produces Koplik's spots in the mouth, a dramatic skin rash, and respiratory symptoms; chickenpox causes oral blisters and ulcers, but a striking skin rash; infectious mononucleo-sis can cause multiple oral ulcers and bleeding gums, but impressively enlarged lymph nodes and spleen. In this section, we focus on herpes simplex, with its characteristically painful oral ulcers, and mumps, with its enlarged, painful parotid glands. ■ measles, p. 549 ■ chickenpox, p. 546 ■ infectious mononucleosis, p. 726

Herpes Simplex

Herpes simplex is an extremely widespread disease with many manifestations. In its most common form, it begins in the mouth and throat. Involvement of the esophagus is suggestive of AIDS or other immunodeficiency. The infection persists for life, its causative virus transmissible with saliva. Usually insignificant, the disease can have tragic consequences.

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