Which Ribosomal Genes Commonly Used For Establising Phylogenetic Relatedness

9. What is the difference between an external and internal node of a phylogenetic tree? 10. Why is it preferable for a classification scheme to reflect the phylogeny of organisms?

Multiple Choice

1. Which of the following is the newest taxonomic unit? A. Strain B. Family C. Order

D. Species E. Domain

2. An acid-fast stain can be used to detect which of the following organisms?

A. Filobasidiella (Cryptococcus) neoformans

B. Mycobacterium tuberculosis

C. Neisseria gonorrhoeae

D. Streptococcus pneumoniae

E. Streptococcus pyogenes

3. The "breath test'' for Helicobacter pylori infection assays for the presence of which of the following?

A. Antigens B. Catalase C. Hemolysis

D. Lactose fermentation E. Urease

4. The "O" of E. coli O157:H7 refers to the...

A. Biotype B. Serotype C. Phage type

D. Ribotype E. Antibiogram

5. PulseNet catalogs which of the following in an attempt to trace spread of foodborne illness?

A. Biotype B. Serotype C. Phage type

D. RFLP E. Antibiogram

6. Numerical taxonomy relies on all of the following characteristics, except.

A. ability to form endospores.

B. 16S ribosomal RNA sequence.

C. sugar degradation.

D. motility.

7. If the GC content of two organisms is 70%, which of the following is true?

A. The organisms are definitely related.

B. The organisms are definitely not related.

D. The organisms likely have extensive DNA homology.

E. The organisms likely have many characteristics in common.

8. Which of the molecular methods of assessing similarity gives the crudest approximation of relatedness?

A. DNA hybridization B. PCR

C. 16S rDNA sequencing D. DNA base composition

9. The sequence of which ribosomal genes are most commonly used for establishing phylogenetic relatedness?

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    Which ribosomal genes commonly used for establising phylogenetic relatedness?
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