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ISBN: 0072919248 Copyright year: 2004

Appropriate for the non-major/allied health student, this authoritative text carefully explains the fundamentals, providing a general overview of the principles followed by more detailed explanations. With its easy-to-read writing style, Microbiology: A Human Perspective offers modern coverage on such topics as genomics, biofilms, and quorum sensing. A body systems approach is used in the coverage of diseases.

The authors are a strong and diverse team of scientists and teachers who solidly present the connection between microorganisms and humans. Because of their individual research specializations and educational backgrounds, they remain in the hub of the scientific community and provide accurate and modern coverage spanning the breadth of microbiology. As teachers, they constantly strive to present material that easily speaks to students. Each major topic is presented as a complete unit. The style is clear and concise and now "watered down," but provides students the depth of coverage needed to fully understand and appreciate the role of microorganisms in the biological sciences and human affairs.

Instructive Art Program

Since microorganisms are, by definition, invisible to the naked eye, it becomes ever more important to allow visualization of these organisms and their life processes. Various types of art styles are used to bring concepts to life. These include:

Overview figures simplify complex interactions. Image pathways help students to follow the progression of a discussion over several pages.

Process figures include step-by-step descriptions and include supporting text so that the figure walks through a compact summary of important steps.

Combination figures combine the features that can be illustrated by an artist with the appearance of organisms in the real world.

Stunning micrographs are used generously throughout the text. Unmatched Clinical Coverage

Evans Roberts, Jr., a licensed and board certified physician, ensures that clinical coverage is accurate, modern, and instructive to those planning to enter health careers. The treatment of infectious diseases, organized by human body systems, is supported with generous use of photographs, summary tables, case histories, and critical thinking questions. Elements of this coverage include:

Consistent coverage of all diseases including symptoms, pathogenesis, epidemiology, prevention and treatment.

Case studies that relate basic science to actual clinical situations

Disease Summaries for each major disease that feature a drawing of a human showing symptoms, portals of entry and exit, location of pathology, and a step-by- step description of the infection process. Modern coverage of topics such as emerging diseases, nosocomial infections, and new vaccines. Dedicated chapters on wound infections and HIV.

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