Adenoviral infections often cause a runny nose, but unlike the common cold, fever is commonly present. Typically, the throat is sore, and gray-white pus present on the pharynx and tonsils can cause confusion with strep throat. The lymph nodes of the neck enlarge and become tender. In some epidemics, conjunctivitis is a prominent symptom, sometimes showing multiple con-junctival nodules composed of infiltrating lymphocytes, and long-lasting opacities in the cornea, the clear central portion of the eye. Other strains of the virus cause epidemics of hemorrhagic conjunctivitis. A mild cough is common; sometimes a severe cough develops, indicating possible pneumonia or whooping cough, or chest pain indicating pleurisy. With or without treatment, recovery usually occurs in 1 to 3 weeks.

Causative agent Adenoviruses—more than 45 types

Pathogenesis Virus multiplies in host cells; cell destruction and inflammation occur; different types produce different symptoms

Epidemiology Inhalation of infected droplets; possible spread from gastrointestinal tract

Prevention and Live virus vaccine formerly used by the military treatment is no longer produced. No treatment except for relief of symptoms

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