The symptoms of acute bacterial conjunctivitis include increased tears, redness of the conjunctiva, swelling of the eyelids, sensitivity to bright light, and large amounts of pus. Acute bacterial conjunctivitis must be distinguished from conjunctivitis caused by a large number of viruses. In the latter cases, eyelid swelling and pus are usually minimal. In a typical case of otitis media, a young child wakes from sleep screaming with earache pain. Fever is generally mild or absent. Vomiting often occurs at the height of the pain. Sometimes the pain ends abruptly because the eardrum has ruptured, and drainage of fluid appears in the external ear canal. In sinusitis, pain and a pressure sensation characteristically occur

572 Chapter 23 Respiratory System Infections in the region of the involved sinus. Tenderness is also present over the sinus in many instances. Sinus infections are commonly associated with a headache and severe malaise.

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You Are What You Eat

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