Chancroid is characterized by single or multiple genital sores called soft chancres (figure 25.16a), which are painful, unlike the hard chancre of syphilis. The lymph nodes in the groin enlarge (figure 25.16b); they become tender, and sometimes pus-filled.

Figure 25.15 Hutchinson's Teeth Notice the notched, deformed incisors, a late manifestation of congenital syphilis.

Nester-Anderson-Roberts: I IV. Infectious Diseases I 25. Genitourinary I I © The McGraw-Hill

Microbiology, A Human Infections Companies, 2003

Perspective, Fourth Edition

Chapter 25 Genitourinary Infections rhea among the sexually transmitted diseases. Chancroid and other ulcerating diseases of the genitalia promote AIDS because they ease the entry of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

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