30.1 Principles of Microbial Ecology

1. Within the biosphere, ecosystems vary in their biodiversity and biomass.

2. The microenvironment immediately surrounding a microorganism is most relevant to its survival and growth.

Nutrient Acquisition

1. Primary producers convert carbon dioxide into organic material; consumers utilize the organic materials, directly or indirectly, produced by plants; decomposers digest the remains of primary producers and consumers. (Figure 30.2)

Bacteria in Low Nutrient Environments

1. Microorganisms capable of growing in dilute aqueous solutions are common in nature; often they grow in biofilms.

Microbial Competition and Antagonism

1. Microorganisms in the environment vie for the same limited pool of nutrients. (Figure 30.3)

2. A species may competitively exclude others, or produce compounds that inhibit others.

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