Reviewers of the Fourth Edition

Gene Nester, Evans Roberts, and Nancy Pearsall shared a vision many years ago to write a new breed of microbiology textbook especially for students planning to enter nursing and other health-related careers. Today there are other books of this type, but we were extremely gratified to learn that 85% of the students we surveyed intend to keep their copies of Microbiology: A Human Perspective because they feel it will benefit them greatly as they pursue their studies in these fields. We offer special thanks to the many students who used the third edition of Microbiology: A Human Perspective and who shared their thoughts with us about how to improve the presentation for the students who will use this edition of the text.

Rao Ayyagari's students at Lindenwood University David Hurley's students at South Dakota State University Steve Larsen's students at Indiana University-Purdue

University at Indianapolis Ellen Neidle's students at the University of Georgia Jennifer Walker's students at the University of Georgia

We offer our sincere appreciation to the many gracious and expert professionals who helped us with this revision by offering helpful suggestions. In addition to thanking those individuals listed here who carefully reviewed revised chapters, we also thank those who responded to our informal surveys, those who participated in regional focus groups, and those participants who chose not to be identified. All of you have contributed significantly to this work and we thank you.

Les Albin, Austin Community College Gary Aron, Southwest Texas State University Susan Bagley, Michigan Technological University Elliott J. Blumenthal, Indiana University/Purdue

University-Fort Wayne Dan Brown, Santa Fe Community College Linda Bruslind, Oregon State University Kim Burnham, Oklahoma State University King-Thom Chung, University of Memphis Susan Goss, Tennessee Technological University Allan Scott Helgeson, Des Moines Area Community College Gary Kaiser, Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville

Dennis Kitz, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville Steve Larsen, Indiana University/Purdue

University-Indianapolis Kathleen Lauber, College of Southern Maryland Kathy Lawton, Monroe Community College Tom Lynch, University of Arkansas at Little Rock Catherine McVay, Texas Tech University Health

Sciences Center Ellen Neidle, University of Georgia Klaus Nusslein, University of Massachusetts Mark Schneegurt, Wichita State University Linda Simpson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Ann C. Smith, University of Maryland

James Vandenbosch, Eastern Michigan University

Jennifer Walker, University of Georgia

Ruth Wrightsman, University of California at Irvine

We also thank these instructors for their thoughtful feedback on the third edition.

Merrilee Anderson, Mount Aloysius College Joan Baird, Rose State College David Berryhill, North Dakota State University Alan Biel, Louisiana State University Mary Bracken, Trinity Valley Community College Jane Bradley, Des Moines Area Community College at Ankeny

Don Dailey, Austin Peay State University

Bob Drake, Southwest Tennessee Community College

David Filmer, Purdue University

Joan Foster, Metropolitan State College of Denver

Kathryn Germain, Southwest Tennessee Community College

William Gibbons, South Dakota State University

Donald Glassman, Des Moines Area Community College

Karen Grandel-Nakaoka, Weber State University

Diane Hartman, D.V.M., Baylor University

Steven Hecht, Grand Valley State University

Beverly Kirk, Northeast Mississippi Community College

Joan McCune, Idaho State University

Qian Moss, Des Moines Area Community College

Marcia Pierce, Eastern Kentucky University

Indiren Pillay, Southwest Tennessee Community College

S. N. Rajagopal, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Vipin Rastogi, Harford Community College

Sara Silverstone, State University of New York

Timothy Steele, Des Moines University-Osteopathic

Medical Center Erica Suchman, Colorado State University Jenifer Turco, Valdosta State University Edwin Wong, Western Connecticut State University

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