Review Q

Short Answer

1. Name the prokaryotic groups in the microbial world.

2. List five beneficial applications of bacteria.

3. Name three non-living groups in the microbial world and describe their major properties.

4. In the designation Escherichia coli O157:H7, what is the genus? What is the species? What is the strain?

5. Where would you go to isolate members of the Archaea?

6. How might you distinguish a prokaryotic cell from a eukaryotic cell?

7. Give three reasons that life could not exist on earth without the activities of microorganisms.

8. Differentiate between biotechnology and genetic engineering.

9. Name two diseases that have been especially destructive in the past. What is the status of those diseases today?

10. State three reasons that there is a resurgence of infectious diseases today.

Multiple Choice

1. The prokaryotic members of the microbial world include 1. algae. 2. fungi. 3. prions.

4. bacteria. 5. archaea.

2. The Archaea

1. are microscopic.

2. are commonly found in extreme environments.

3. contain peptidoglycan.

4. contain mitochondria.

5. are most commonly found in the soil.

3. The most fundamental division of cell types is between the

A. algae, fungi, and protozoa.

B. eukaryotes and prokaryotes.

C. viruses and viroids.

D. bacteria and archaea.

E. Eucarya, Bacteria, and Archaea.

4. Astrobiology involves the study of

1. life on other planets.

2. viroids.

3. emerging infectious diseases.

4. biotechnology.

5. life under extreme conditions.

5. An organism isolated from a hot spring in an acidic environment is most likely a member of the

6. The agent that contains no nucleic acid is a

D. bacterium. E. fungus.

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