Review Q

Short Answer

1. Which antibody classes can activate complement?

2. Why is IgE so scarce in circulation?

3. Diagram an IgG molecule and label (a) the Fc area and (b) the areas that combine with antigen.

4. How do natural killer cells differ from T-cytotoxic cells?

5. How do T-independent antigens differ from T-dependent antigens?

6. How do the roles of Th1 cells and Th2 cells differ?

7. Describe clonal selection and expansion in the immune response.

8. Describe the role of dendritic cells in T-cell activation.

9. How does the antigen receptor on T cells differ from the antigen receptor on B cells?

10. What are professional antigen-presenting cells?

Multiple Choice

1. The variable regions of antibodies are located in the

4. heavy chain. 5. light chain and heavy chain. A. 1, 3 B. 1, 5 C. 2, 3 D. 2, 4 E. 2, 5

2. Which of the following statements about antibodies is false?

A. If you removed the Fc portion, antibodies would no longer be capable of opsonization.

B. If you removed the Fc portion, antibodies would no longer be capable of activating complement.

C. If you removed the Fab portion, an antibody would no longer be capable of agglutination.

D. If IgG were a pentamer, it would be more effective at agglutinating antigens.

E. If IgE had longer half-life, it would protect newborn infants.

3. Which class of antibody can cross the placenta? A. IgA B. IgD C. IgE D. IgG E. IgM

4. A person who has been vaccinated against a disease should have primarily which of these types of antibodies 2 years later?

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